Whirlpool 60,000 Grain Water Softener review

The Whirlpool 60,000 Grain Water Softener is the biggest unit in the water softeners section of Whirlpool; a heavy duty two-tank softener system designed to cover the needs of the largest households. Let’s take a closer look at its features, advantages and its performance.

The physical dimensions of both tanks of this system are of 13 inches of diameter for one tank and 18 inches for the second, 13 inches of width for the first and 18 for the second and 64 inches of height for the first and 39 for the second.

The Whirlpool 60,000 Grain Water Softener shares the same technologies Whirlpool developed for its line of water softeners, including 6th Sense technology, which calculates how hard your water supply is and just how much salt and brine are required to remove the dissolved salts that cause hardness and uses only as much as it needs, periodically measuring the hardness of your water supply (which might be wildly variable) and adjusting its levels automatically.

It also includes another technology known as Demand Initiated Regeneration. With older water softening devices, the regeneration cycles were programmed to start every certain amount of time, regardless of it was necessary or not; with Demand Initiated Regeneration, the water softener constantly measures how much water it has used and starts the regeneration cycles only when it is necessary. This technology allows the Whirlpool 60,000 Grain Water Softener to save up to a 25% of water when compared to older water softening devices that start their regeneration cycles on a preset period of time.
The Whirlpool 60,000 Grain Water Softener also has a household water consumption reading which measures and displays the amount of water consumed by your household and the amount of remaining gallons of capacity the water softener has before requiring a regeneration cycle, plus an alert of service data. This model also has a light that indicates when it is necessary to replenish its salt.
Whirlpool will also offer you the installation service of your new water softener by a certified professional plus the disposal of your old system; and, a 2-year warranty on every part of the water softener and labor, 3 years for the electronics and 10 years for the tanks. These are very attractive additional services and a very decent warranty.


With its vast amount of features, the Whirlpool 60,000 Grain water softener is easiest units to operate, even though it is a heavy duty unit designed for the biggest homes. Besides its ease of operation, its water and salt saving technologies are especially convenient for the biggest households this unit is designed for, as it will be able to save you money on the homes that consume the biggest amounts of water.

And even the installation of this big unit will be easy to do with the installation service Whirlpool offers.

Overall, this may very well be the best option for those with a big household or a big water consumption, who have little time or are inexperienced with water softeners, such as those who are choosing their first water softener; in these cases, the Whirlpool 60,000 Grain water softener is essentially the best option in the market.





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