Whirlpool 44,000 Grain Water Softener review

One of the latest products from the renowned Whirlpool water softeners company is the Whirlpool 44,000 grain softener, a very interesting option that has become rather popular lately; so let’s check out this device, its performance, advantages and features.

Its capacity is ideal for homes of 1 to 5 people and one of its advantages is its relatively compact design: it is a single tank of 19 inches of diameter, 18 of width and 48 of height, which is about the size of a computer tower, just a bit smaller.

The Whirlpool water softeners (all of them in their line, not just this one) have an exclusive new technology known as the 6th Sense technology, which calculates how hard your water supply is and just how much salt and brine are required to remove the dissolved salts that cause hardness and uses only as much as it needs, periodically measuring the hardness of your water supply (which might be wildly variable) and adjusting its levels automatically. This exclusive advantage of the Whirlpool water softeners can save up to a 25% of water of salt when compared to other water softeners, both from Whirlpool or any other manufacturer; additionally, the 44,000 grain water softener will automatically start the regeneration cycle only when it determines it is absolutely needed.

The Whirlpool water softeners also have a light that indicates when is necessary to replenish its salt tank, it also has a water flow indicator which may help you detect a leak if the indicator suddenly turns on and reveals a lower flow of water.

The 44,000 grain water softener removes a maximum of 140 gpg of hardness and it also has a backwash cycle it activates whenever the amount of Iron it has filtered is to big (it can remove iron levels of up to 12 ppm).


In all, the Whirlpool 44,000 grain water softener could be a very good choice for your household if it is small or medium sized, with the need for and if you are looking for a water softener which will be very easy to operate; with its advanced features and visual indicators, the Whirlpool 44,000 grain water softener will make it easy for any beginner to operate and take care of it and saving you lots of time, making a great option for your first water softener if you have never used one; however, it can be a very attractive option for any kind of user who just needs to save time, money and space, while enjoying some of the most advanced features and technologies available today for water softening devices.


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