Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System

The 22,000 Grain City Water Softener System is one of the most recent products coming from Waterboss. It was specifically designed to take care of the municipally-supplied water and cover the needs of a small to medium size family.

Considered a great little option by most of its users, its salt-based operation helps clean the water you use and reduce any tastes or odors including that of chlorine, almost always used to purify the public supply of water. It also has an internal built-in 20 micron sediment and dirt filter which provides a cleaner operation and has a titular 22,000-grain capacity with a water flow rate of 8 gallons per minute at 15 psi.

Also, if you do not need soft water for whatever reason, you can use the built-in bypass valve and let hard water flow again.Water Boss 22000 softener device

The Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener also has a convenient indicator light and a user friendly LCD display allowing you to control and set up its functions easily and quickly.

As for the warranty, the 22,000-Grain City Water Softener is covered for 3 years on the electronics and for 10 years on the tank and cabinet.


Some of the advantages of the Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System are:

  • Its size. It is very compact and has a small size, which allows it to fit almost anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom, it measures only 14 ¾” wide, 18 ¾” in depth and 25 ¾” tall.
  • It is super fast. It can regenerate in only 17 minutes using 14 gallons of water, which translates in time and money savings. Also, to replenish its salt you simply and easily slide a lid and fill its container.
  • It is extremely quiet and the noise it creates can be better described as a whisper.
  • It is self-cleaning. Most other units have an external filter and need maintenance and to be cleaned manually. The internal built-in sediment and dirt filter in the Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System, in the other hand, is self-cleaning.


Some of the perceived disadvantages of the Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System are:

  • Given its smaller compact size and capacity this model is better suited for small or medium households; so it may have problems fulfilling the larger demands for larger households of 5 members or more, or if the water consumption of your home is very big, in which case a bigger unit with a greater capacity might be a much better option. Using the Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System to cover the needs of a demanding household will put it under excessive stress and may potentially damage it, besides costing you more.
  • The warranty. The warranty offer has been felt by some users as insufficient or small when compared to other water softeners; so, although good, the warranty could be a bit more extensive on the electronics. In other systems, for example, most warranties cover the electronics of their equipments for 5 years.


In all, the Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener is a modern unit: compact and simple to install and use, it can be the perfect choice for smaller households, homes with a smaller demand, or if used for 4 or less people.

However, you may decide this might not cover the needs of your house or family or that you are not as interested about size as you are about performance or satisfying larger demands in which case you will need a larger unit. If not, then this one is certainly worth considering.

The cost for Waterboss 22,000-Grain City Water Softener System ranges from $450 to $550 USD. If you have further doubts or you need support you can contact them they’re support team here.