The Culligan Filtered Shower-Head Review (Culligan wsh-c125)

One of the main complains with the unfiltered water as provided by the municipal water utilities, is about the fact that it sometimes has too much chlorine and other chemicals that interfere with the action of soap and detergents and also irritate your skin and eye when you take a shower, and also dries and dehydrates your skin and hair, leaving your hair dull, brittle, lifeless and hard to manage and comb.

Since bathing is then one of the most problematic areas for some people who use unfiltered water, Culligan has created a water softener exclusively for use in the bathroom, specifically, in the shower.

The Culligan Filtered Shower-Head (Culligan wsh-c125) is an effective method of improving your bathing experience and can improve your skin, eyes and hair appearance and makes it look healthier.Culligan Shower Head


Some of the advantages of the Culligan Filtered Shower-Head are:

  • The Culligan Filtered Shower-Head will remove chlorine (which irritates and dehydrates the eyes, skin and hair)
  • It has five different spray settings: max coverage, soft and gentle spray, pulsed jet (great for giving massages) or combinations of these
  • It is very easy to install, so you can buy it and try it after a few minutes
  • It lasts long: it can remove chemicals and pollutants from 10,000 gallons of water or 6 months
  • The warranty is ok: 5 years, especially if you consider its price
  • It has a clog-free nozzle


Some of the disadvantages of the the Culligan Filtered Shower-Head are:

The excess of salts in the water also cause detergents and soaps to be less effective and makes it harder to remove dirt and stains. When using detergent, hard water can shorten the life of clothing by about a 40% and also dulls the color and makes clothes feel scratchy and brittle; and when you shower, instead of creating foam, hard water forms a sticky substance known as soap curd which is hard to remove (causing you to consume more water to wash it away) and also makes your hair look lifeless, dull and difficult to comb and manage. However, the Culligan Filtered Shower-Head Review does not deal with that issue, as it will not soften hard water. So it will not get rid of soap scum or curd. If you have problems with hard water you should check first how hard your water is before considering the Culligan Filtered Shower-Head

  • It uses cartridges to filter the water which have to be replaced periodically, although they last very long and, honestly, they are very cheap
  • If you have more than 1 bathroom, then, instead of installing 3 individual shower filters, it makes more sense to simply buy a whole house system, which will be cheaper with time
  • The showerhead can be very heavy and may put excessive stress in older bathrooms, especially those built before the 1990s, in which case you may need to contact a plumber or a contractor and reinforce the pipes which obviously may turn out to be much more expensive


In conclusion, if certain conditions are met then this might be the perfect tool for you: if your water is not too hard, if you only have (or only need to cover) 1 bathroom and if your skin and/or hair are very sensitive and always feel and look dry, then the Culligan Filtered Shower-Head might be just for you. (You can always try a water softener system like the ones that we have right here).