Portable Water Softener Reviews

For many people, a water softener has become a need, a very indispensable need. Once you get used to soft water and the many advantages it has, it is hard to go back to regular or hard water.

This poses a problem when traveling or staying in a hotel, someone else’s home or some other place for more than a couple of days. And it is mostly for people in these situations that portable water softeners were created. A portable water softener offers the same advantages and benefits of a fully stationary water softener, but it can be easily and quickly installed or uninstalled, it is very compact and small and so it will not take much space when you pack it and will also fit almost anywhere, so its smaller size and compact fit is a major advantage for RVs and boats. And the most important: you can enjoy soft water anywhere you go.This is a portable water softener device


A portable water softener can also be attractive for RV and boat owners because they are cheap and will not need special tools or much time to be installed, they can keep the original appearance of their RV or boat intact, they can use the water softener to wash their vehicles, decks, windows, and essentially any other surface without leaving any of those annoying and troublesome stop stains, which are caused when the water in a drop evaporates and just leaves behind its salts and any other particles, the same salts and particles that a water softener will remove.


But portable water softeners are not only perfect for travelers and RV or boat owners; they can be ideal for those who rent an apartment, or for those who have their own home but live alone or only with another person, also they can be very useful if you like showing off your car. Originally, for smaller homes or households with very low water consumption, a water softener did not make much sense, because most stationary water softeners are designed to fulfill the daily needs and demands of up to 4 people or more, so it would have been a very considerable investment which would take maybe years to pay itself off; and recently the new water conditioners (which are composed of a couple of wire coils around an intake pipe and subject water through a strong magnetic field) have made their appearance, but they do not truly eliminate the salts that cause hardness, they just temporarily modify their structures rendering harmless. However, they have considerable disadvantages: again, they will not get rid of water hardness, they are virtually useless if your water is too hard (8 GPG or above) and their effects are temporarily (they render hard water harmless for only 48 hours), so maybe you just want your water to truly be softer, in which case the options were very limited.


But portable water softeners changed all that, with their more limited capacity and output and smaller costs, they allowed owners of small homes, apartments, travelers and RV and boat owners to fully enjoy the benefits of softer water. For those who rent an apartment, a portable water softener is also a great option as they can uninstall it and take it with them in a few minutes when they move out.


If you have your own home and your household water consumption is low, and if you are also looking for a more affordable option, then a portable water softener might be just what you need.