iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review (With Brushed Nickel Faucet)

The 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (With Brushed Nickel Faucet) is the newest model from iSpring, a small but powerful filtration system that is widely considered to be one of the finest reverse osmosis systems for home use.

First of all, it is a reverse osmosis system, which means it filters your water, but keep in mind that this is not a water softener.

The iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter includes an additional brushed nickel faucet for your kitchen sink through which it delivers purified filtered water once installed.

The 5 stages the iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water Filter features are: A polypropylene sediment cartridge, 2 activated charcoal filters (a bigger one and a finer and smaller final one), carbon block filters and, of course, reverse osmosis membranes. The result is extremely pure water, with the taste and quality as bottled water. Actually, one of the things users of this unit love the most is the fact that they have as much clean and clear, crisp-tasting water as they might need or want, by just opening the additional faucet included with this unit.This is the ispring 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter


Some of the advantages of the iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter are:

  • It has a large capacity of 75 gallons per day, big enough to satisfy the demands of any household
  • It is compact enough to fit under a kitchen sink
  • Easy to install. It includes super easy to follow instructions and everything you will need for installation is included. Also they have a great customer service.
  • It is not too expensive with prices starting at $185 USD
  • Most users who bought this unit have given glowing reviews in the major sales websites
  • It has a good warranty: 30 day money back policy and a 1 year satisfaction guarantee


Some of the perceived disadvantages of the iSpring 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter are:

  • Not being a water softener, it does not soften water and might cause excessive maintenance costs and filter replacements if you live in an area with problems of excessively hard water
  • While it has a rather large capacity (75 gallons per day), it can only be installed in one kitchen sink so you will need a larger whole house system to cover more sinks, kitchens, the bathrooms or any other taps you might need or want


In all, this is perhaps the finest and most complete home water reverse osmosis filtration system as it has lots of advantages in most of its aspect: lower price, great quality, easy to install, lower maintenance costs, large capacity, and, perhaps the most important, recommended by most of those who use it.

The only strong reason that might make you look for something else is if you live in an area with problems of hard water, but even in that case you can just additionally buy a water softener. If you do not have problems with hard water where you live and just want a filtration system for your home, then look no further.