I need a water softener: Should I rent or should I buy?

Depending on the quality and level of hardness in the water you and your family use then you may have decided that you need a water softener to improve the quality of the same.

Consequently, now that you have decided it is time to acquire one, you are now faced with the two options: either buy one or rent one? Which one is best for you? That is one of the most common questions made in relation to water softeners and in this article we will analyze both and help you decide which one is for you.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages and may be better suited for several different situations. Let’s take a closer look at the overview of each option.Should you rent or buy a water softener?



As you can imagine, money is the biggest consideration taken when renting; it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.

For example, if you are not planning to stay much time where you live or if you plan on moving sooner, then it would not be convenient to invest on a water softener.

The cost of buying a new water softener unit is also a very important consideration for some. By some estimates, a water softener can save you up to $100 a month in household expenses, but still, a new water softener can be expensive and cost from $600 to $1000, plus, the continuing cost of the salt (although, this is usually not considerable). Some might find this is a huge investment to consider and would prefer to rent a unit, which might be the preferable alternative if you would like to give water softening a try.

By renting, you might also save money on the maintenance and repairing costs as some companies take care of that, as well of all the necessary replacement of components or units; but most of them usually also charge for the installation of the unit, although a minority will not offer the installation services at all.



As seen above, a water softener can save you up to $100 a month in household expenses, so, if you buy a water softener it will essentially pay itself on the long run with the money saved.

But if you do not need a whole house system then you can buy a shower water softener for your bathroom or simple softener unit for your kitchen, which will obviously be less expensive.

Also, when buying a new water softener, you can choose from a very ample array of units and models available, while most if not all rented units tend to be used.

The option of buying a water softener might also be more tempting if you own your home or property and it might also increase its value after you move out or decide to sell it, especially if the area or town you live in has hard water problems, providing equity and a selling point to your home or property.


Which option is the best?

In conclusion, the answer to these questions varies from one user to other and it depends on your circumstances and the unique needs of your household. However, if you are willing to spend the necessary money and own your house or property, then buying would be the best option; otherwise, renting might be for you.

Only you can decide which one will suit you better, you just need to do some research on the available options and consult a professional whenever possible.