Hard water and limescale

After health considerations and after the effects hard water has on the skin, hair and nails of those who use it to shower; the second reason to acquire and install a water softening device are easily the considerations relative to the maintenance of the pipes and faucets of the household that has a hard water supply. In these situations, the formation and buildup of limescale inside the piping can be huge, so much that if left unchecked it can drastically reduce the water flow of your home and, in some extreme cases, it can completely stop the water flow and fully clog the pipes over time. Additionally, since the salts buildup to form limescale inside pipes, this also means that some appliances will be especially at risk, especially your water heater, inside which the hard water remains still for longs periods of time at a time. In fact, it has been estimated that in just 5 years, a water supply which has a level of hardness hard enough will at least double the energy consumption of the water heater; in other words, your water heater will eventually need twice as much energy (be it electricity or gas) to do the same job it did when it was brand new. Other appliances that may see their efficiency reduced and their energy needs increased are water coolers and refrigerators.


However, the buildup of limescale inside the pipes and appliances of a house is not the only ill effect of excessively hard water; hard water will easily and readily form limescale over any surface it comes in contact with, and this is especially evident in the bathrooms, over its tiles. That will make you spend time and money removing it, which can be especially difficult and time-consuming, usually requiring strong cleaning products and hard scrubbing.

This effect is also visible in your dishes which become harder to wash, and above your windows and mirrors, as it is above all these surfaces that water spots become very prominent and will usually require an extra wiping to get rid of. Another situation that also immediately comes to mind is when washing your car: is not there where water spots become more notorious and, even more, extremely annoying?


These are part of the reasons that make a water softening device so useful and needed, and why the benefits of installing one, in the short, medium and long term, justify the costs of buying one; also making it an attractive option which can save you as much as up to $100 USD per month in some households, in water and soap and detergent expenses; thinking about all that money, water and time that go to waste, money and time that can be saved and used somewhere else will definitely make you consider seriously the option of buying, or at least leasing, a water softening device.


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