Fleck Water Softener Systems Review

The Fleck water softeners are some of best rated and most well-known in the market today. The reason is simple: they are extremely efficient and will soften even the hardest water, they have a huge capacity and output that will cover the demands of even the biggest household and they have a digital display system that controls the frequency of the regeneration cycle.

All these features have captivated a large number of customers and had turned the Fleck models into the best selling water softener systems.An image of a fleck water softener


Here, we will review the Fleck 5600SXT model, the most popular model Fleck has.


The Fleck 5600SXT is designed to be able to cover the needs and demands of a medium to large household, so it has a big capacity and a huge output.

As stated in its name, it has a digital display which makes it very easy to install and run, and very fast too. This is essentially a ‘set and forget’ system so you can just install it, set it up for the first time and program the regeneration cycles (which are usually programmed to be performed at night) and then ‘forget’ about it.

Regarding its efficacy, this is one of the finest systems out there and users and buyers frequently rate it very highly and give the best reviews, so there are almost no complains about this model.


Fleck 5600 – Performance, Cost and More Information

Here are some advantages of the Fleck 5600SXT model:

  • It is very efficient and effective at removing salts dissolved in the water
  • It has a very large capacity that will certainly cover the demands and needs of any medium sized household and
  • It automatically regenerates when necessary and after installing and program it, it basically runs itself, so it will save you time, money and headaches
  • It has a huge output


Some of the disadvantages of this system are:

  • It is very big (physically) so it is not precisely a system you can install under your kitchen sink, so it will take some space; its physical dimensions are 10” x 54” for the tank and 14” x 17” x 33” for the brine tank
  • It can be very easy to install but still, you might require professional help from a plumber if you are not good with pipe cutters and cables, which obviously will cost you more money
  • You will have to spend money replenishing its salt supply as it is a salt-based softener and that is what it consumes
  • It is not appropriate for small households


As stated above, the system can be quite bulky and large and it will take about 3 ft by 19 to 20 inches once it is installed; and you will need a place with a nearby power outlet and a drain.

But another advantage is that this system is very tough and it may potentially last a lifetime if you take good care of it. Regarding the warranty, Fleck gives you 10 years on the tank and 5 years on the system.

Another thing you have to know is that this system at a cost of over $500 USD is actually pretty inexpensive, especially when compared to similar systems. Comparable Whole House Systems this large usually cost over $1000 USD and the Fleck 5600SXT costs just a half so you will pay much less and get a great value for such a system.

And another observation I want to make is that one of the disadvantages is that you will need to replenish the salt supply of the system periodically, but in reality this is not such a big expense, and you get a bag of 40 pounds of salt for $8 USD at most in any hardware store, department store or any retailer of construction and home improvement products such as The Home Depot.

But the most important thing is that the Fleck 5600SXT is very effective and good at what it does, it will satisfy and exceed your expectations and requirements. For starters, salt-based water softeners are the most effective option for the hardest waters to begin with and these are the only systems that truly remove salts, not just render them harmless, besides that, the Fleck 5600SXT is a high-quality softener system that in addition to its huge output and capacity, it will also be the most effective choice you could make if you have a problem with very hard water; the Fleck 5600SXT has actually been designed to cover the needs and requirements of a family of 6 with up to 3 bathrooms. However, this also brings the fact that it would be too much for a smaller household, it would be overkill.

There is also another smaller observation you need to know: this system could be not recommendable for people who are on a low-sodium diet for health reasons. Let me explain why in case you do not know how a salt-based water softener works: a salt-based water softener has a tank full of resin beads; these beads attract very strongly salt ions (but nothing else). In the beginning the resin beads are covered with ions of sodium, as you might already now, common salt is sodium chloride, so a salt-based water softener mixes the common salt with water to create brine and then submerges the resin beads in the brine and it is then that the resin beads get all covered in sodium ions. After that, the hard untreated water is run through the resin beads; the untreated water is full of magnesium and calcium ions which are the dissolved salts that make it hard. The magnesium and calcium ions are attracted to the beads stronger than the sodium ions, so they displace the sodium ions and take their place covering the entire resin beads; meanwhile, the sodium ions that were displaced are simply released into the treated water. When the surface of the resin beads is entirely covered in calcium and magnesium ions and they can’t accept no more, it is when the water flow is stopped and the regeneration cycle begins; during such cycle the resin beads are again submerged in brine; as we saw above, a calcium or magnesium ion is strongly attracted to the surface of the resin beads; but while a calcium or a magnesium ion is attracted stronger than a single sodium ion, it is not attracted stronger than dozens of sodium ions. So when the regeneration cycle starts, the resin beads are submerged in brine and the shear amount of sodium ions overwhelm the calcium and magnesium ions, the sodium ions displace them and take their places and the surface of the resin beads is again all covered with sodium ions, ready to start trapping magnesium and calcium ions again.

This process is known as Ion exchange and it is through that technology that the resin beads trap all the ions of the salts that cause hardness, but release sodium ions into the water it treats and that is why a salt-based softener increases the level of sodium in the treated water, leaving a water with sodium levels that are higher than normal; also, the hardest the water it treats is, the more sodium it releases into it after treating it. So, if you are on a low-sodium diet for health reasons, you will have to consult your physician before using this or any other salt-based water softener.


So, is the Fleck 7000 is it really worth it?

An image of the fleck 7000As explained above, the Fleck 5600SXT is perhaps the best water softener in the market, of all types and if you have a large family and a considerable problem with hard water then you have to look no more, this is the best water softener you can buy and I might even say this is the best water softener available right now and this is can be confirmed by all the glowing and raving reviews it has been getting by practically all of the people who use it, which because of the fact that it has been bought by thousands of users, makes it all more impressive that it has received so few complains.

In all, this water softener will make your life easier and happier, save you lots of money and time and is definitely really worth it and you will definitely not regret it.


Here are the most important and relevant characteristics and features of the Fleck 5600SXT Whole House Water Softener, summarized:

  Fleck 5600SXT Digital metered
Size (inches) 10” x 54” (tank)

14” x 17” x 33” (brine tank)

Filter life 12 months
Price $568.96
Warranty 10 years (on the system) and 5 years (on the tank)
User ratings  4.8 Stars
Type Salt-based