Best Water Filter Pitcher: Reviews & User Guide 2015

For all of us who are worried about the quality and the level of hardness of the water we put into our bodies, a Water Filter Pitcher is perhaps one of the most convenient, useful and even beloved devices ever invented.

I am, for one, very careful about the water I drink, and since the first moment I installed and started using my first water softener I realized how hard and how poor the quality of the water I used was; and I will never go back to living without a decent water softener.

Now, a Water Filter Pitcher is one of those additional but not essential things which will make (at least for people like me) your life better but that are not necessary to live. These devices are simple, elegant and very practical; the idea of having filtered good-quality water and be able to purify the water you drink wherever you go is very tempting and attractive.An image showing a transparent water pitcher

A Water Filter Pitcher has unique capabilities and can fulfill roles no other Water Filtration or Softener can. So you may have a Whole House System that purifies and softens all the water you use in your home, but when you go on a picnic or go out for dinner, or when you are traveling, you can take your Water Filter Pitcher with you, fill it and have a jug of fresh and crisp-tasting water any time you want.

When thinking about buying a Water Filter Pitcher, the most important aspects to consider are: the efficacy of its filter (how many unwanted harmful chemicals it can remove and how clean and pure it can render the water), its capacity (how much water it can hold and purify) and its cost. Additionally, all Water Filter Pitchers are inherently very easy to use and require little maintenance, and in my opinion, a Water Filter Pitcher that fails at one or some of these last two aspects can’t even be called a Water Filter Pitcher and any unit has to be simple enough that even your kids could use it without supervision while you leave them on a Graco FastActionFoldClickConnect stroller and do your tasks.

Finally, remember that it is important to read the ratings and reviews wrote by other users about any model you are considering, as they are perhaps the most important thing to consider before deciding. Also remember that a pitcher is very similar to a shower head water softener.



Now, here is a chart with the features and characteristics of the 5 best-rated Water Filter Pitchers in the market by the users as of 2015, so you can compare them:


  Brita 10-cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher PUR 18-Cup Dispenser ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher MAVEA Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher Aquasana Power Filter Pitcher
Size (inches) 10.47 x 10.94 x 5.59 5.5 x 15.9 x 10.2 10.69 x 11.63 x 5.93 10.5 x 6 11.7 11.7 x 17.5 x 4.5
Filter life 39 gallons 40 gallons 40 gallons 40 gallons 40 gallons
Capacity 10 cups 18 cups 10 cups 9 cups 8 cups
Price $20.99 $27.35 $31.49 $27.43 $129,99
Price of filter $6.58 $6.97 $16.99 $7.98 $29.99
Removes Chlorine, Zinc, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium 90% of trace level pharmaceuticals and 13 contaminants Copper, Iron, Zinc, Aluminum, Lead, Chromium, Mercury, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide Chlorine, Benzene, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Atrazine and Limescale 95% of Chlorine and chloramines, Lead, Mercury, Herbicides, Pesticides, VOCs, Pharmaceuticals, Giardia and Cryptosporidium
Users rating  4.8 Stars  4.8 Stars  4 Stars  4 Stars  3 Stars